That's the way you move!

Meet Ocho, a smart musical stick that will improvised teenagers' movements to express themselves creatively and develop higher self-esteem.

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Why Ocho?

Teenagers become more aware of themselves which in some cases can lead to embarrassment and low self esteem. Research shows that  improvised movements enable teenagers to express themselves creatively and move freely in their safe space. 


How Does Ocho Works?


Select a song from the library  and set the time for your dance.


Place the phone in front of you and pick up the sticks.


Shut off the lights and start dancing with Ocho.


Check your visual output and share it with Ocho's friends!

Team Ocho

Enav Sasson
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Adi Liberman
Dror Segev
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Sapir Shalvi
Amit Rechavia
BSc. Computer Science 
B.A Communications 
B.A Psychology
B.A Communications 
BSc. Computer Science 

Meet Ocho!

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Ocho is a technological prototype that was created by a team of students of the Media Innovation Lab (milab) of the School of Communication in IDC Herzliya. Visit our site at: http://milab.idc.ac.il
miLAB is a research and prototype lab that examines the future of media, technology and human-computer interaction.